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It’s the holiday season and that means cookies, candy, cocktails, parties and more food. The holiday weight gain is so common that doctors predict people will, on average, gain five pounds. So what happens when the parties are over? Your pants may not fit so well and if you don’t get the weight off now, it may never come off.

Eating foods high in protein can help you loose weight and start the new year off healthier. This is not any protein. Just because a hamburger has protein doesn’t mean its healthy. You need to focus on eating lien protein in order to loose weight. A high protein diet is one that consists of 50% or more protein. Research suggest that these diets help people feel more full and therefor control their eating habits better. When you are hungry it is common to reach for the closest thing in site which all too often means a bag of chips or cookies. A diet high in protein helps you to stay full and curb cravings. This lets you plan for when and what you want to eat.

Protein also helps you avoid crashing because it gives your body more sustainable energy. Carbs like bread or sweets can cause you to have an instant rush of energy, only to come crashing down an hour later. This perpetuates the cycle – causing you to reach for the nearest food item again. By doing this day after day you will eat too much and fill your body with food that doesn’t provide the nutrients you need.

WebMD reported that studies of high protein diets showed participants were on average, less hungry, more full, and more satisfied. The Journal of Nutrition also showed that participants had better blood flow. The recommendation for protein is a minimum of 56 grams a day for men and 46 grams for women. Increasing your intake with lien protein is key. Incorporate chicken, baked not fried, fish, turkey, and pork for protein that helps you loose weight instead of contributing to the problem. For breakfast make yourself and egg white omelet. The egg whites are high in protein and lower in calories. As in any diet be sure to include lots of fruits and vegetables for balanced nutrition.

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