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Vitamins and supplements are beneficial for not just your heart but your entire body. Every woman should make sure she is getting the proper amount of vitamins and nutrients to maintain a healthy heart and body. Here are some great tips to keep a healthy heart, body and mind:

•Fish oil: very beneficial especially for your heart. Fish oil can help clear build up in your blood vessels so your heart can work at a more comfortable pace

•Garlic: these supplements along with Vitamin E have been proven to help lower cholesterol as well as clear cholesterol build up in blood veins

•Policosanol aids: stop your body from producing too much cholesterol

•Nuts: almonds have been shown to maintain a low cholesterol level

•Exercise: one of the most important and most effective paths to a healthy heart is regular exercise especially cardiovascular fitness.

Many doctors say “food comes first”. Diets such as the Mediterranean diet containing fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts help diminish the chance of heart related problems. Remember that a balanced diet and regular exercise is the singer most effective way to promote a healthy, happy heart. A few life tips to live by include:

•Eating at least five fruits and vegetables daily

•At least 2.5 hours of exercise weekly

•Keeping your body mass index out of the obese range

•Don’t smoke

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