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How To Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

Perhaps the most important time for any mother to remain healthy is during pregnancy. For the first time in their lives many women start exploring natural health methods and what it means to truly use natural health methods.

Below we’ve outlined some tips from to help you navigate a pregnancy naturally:

Cook with a cast iron skillet or pan that doesn’t use teflon to avoid toxic residues that could seep into your food

• Surrond yourself with loving and supportive people that will give you strength for your journey

• “It is imperative for an expecting mother to eat healthfully, the food a mother intakes accounts for 80% of the childs health.

• What should an expecting mother eat? A diet rich in whole grains, greens, natural and organic foods and produce will prepare the baby-to-be with vital nutrition it needs.

• Also make sure to get plenty of omega-3s. Omega-3s have a phenomenal ability to ensure that your baby will be full-term. Full-term babies are healthier with more developed immunities, additionally omega-3s stimulate brain growth.

Daily exercise for an expecting mother is also key. It doesn’t need to be intense training, any sort of exercise that is moderate to mild will do. Swimming is a very popular choice for young mothers looking for low impact work outs. Yoga, brisk walking, and piloted can also help promote blood circulation and a toned body.

Stay away from chemicals. Do so by using safe cosmetics, say no to vaccinations, don’t smoke, don’t eat fish that are rich in mercury (sushi).

Put cocoa butter on your belly everyday, this will help alleviate stretch marks and keep skin moisturized so after pregnancy your body will look its best.

Get lots of rest. Napping is key with pregnancy. This will also help prepare you for many sleepless nights ahead. Doctors recommend two naps a day as your body needs to reserve crucial energy to continue to nurture the baby.

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